Mission Statement

The San Francisco Flute Society is an organization dedicated to providing performance and educational opportunities for San Francisco flutists and flute lovers of all ages and abilities.  The Mission Statement is “To Promote and Present Flute Music Concerts.”


Established in 2002 as United Performers of the World, the organization changed it’s name to the San Francisco Flute Society and Festival (SFFS) in 2012.  The SFFS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the National Flute Association. Our membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Get Involved!

As the SFFS membership continues to grow, we are in urgent need of more volunteers. Help is especially needed in the following areas:

  • Newsletter – take pictures at flute events in your area or write articles for the newsletter.
  • Hospitality – help with receptions, registration, or nametags at one or more SFFS events
  • Publicity and Promotion – write press releases, take fliers to schools and music stores in your area
  • Fundraising – write grants, ask for donations, help sell SFFS t-shirts
  • Event Planning – especially for the SFFS Flute Festival
  • Recital Coordinator – SFFS Member Recital and SFFS Open Mic Sessions
  • SFFS Flute Festival – door monitors, registration, reception, exhibitors assistant, set up/clean up crew
  • Flutes by the Sea Masterclass – registration, volunteer ushers, set up/clean up crew, provide transportation for Guest Artist, offer lodging for Guest Artist.